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Exosomes Qualification and Profiling Services

Exosomes are microscopic vesicles which are secreted by almost all cell types and are also present in almost every biological fluid. While exosomes were originally considered a mechanism to discarding unwanted cellular debris, today these nano-sized membrane vesicles are valued as highly relevant therapeutic targets for many diseases due their roles in disease transmission, intercellular cross-talk, angiogenesis, and inflammation.  Specifically, exosomes are implicated in the progression of many diseases.

Isolation of Exosomes

At Frontage, our Genomics team can isolate exosomes using a wide variety of  techniques particularly well-suited for large volume samples.

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Sample types suitable for exosome isolation:

  • Serum
  • Plasma
  • Saliva
  • Urine
  • Milk
  • Bronchial lavage
  • Cerebrospinal fluid
  • Lymphatic fluid
  • Ascites fluid

Quantification and Sizing of Exosomes

Frontage can identify the size distribution and concentration of exosomes present in the biosamples prior to subsequent analysis. This quantitative and visual analysis provide a first characterization of the exosomes potentially involved in pathological processes of diseases including tumor and neurodegenerative diseases.

Figure 1. Microvesicle characterization using Nanosight NS300. Size distribution and concentration of three exosome samples following analysis on NS300. The size of the purified exosomes are shown on the x-axis while the concentration of particles are displayed on the y-axis.

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RNA Profiling Exosomes

Investigations of exosome-bound genetic information, which can include long and small RNAs, can be used to identify cell– or tissue-specific markers and detect diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers useful for patient stratification or the determination of non-responders13-15.

Frontage provides a comprehensive solution for exosomal RNA profiling.

  • Isolate exosomes from biofluids,
  • Perform size-distribution analysis
  • Extract RNA from exosomes (internally isolated exosomes or those provided by clients)

Small and Long RNA Profiling Services

Frontage offers characterization and quantitation of exosomal RNA of small and long RNA.

  • Small RNA Biotypes can be investigated using microRNA microarray or sequencing technologies. To support wet-lab assays, Frontage also provides thoroughly validated bioinformatic analysis and predictive modeling services to advance basic research, commercial drug and biomarker discovery efforts or companion diagnostics projects.
  • Long RNA Sequencing Services analyze mRNA and long non-coding RNA using sequencing. Our services include pre-project planning and consultation, RNA extraction, library preparation, sequencing, processing of raw sequence reads, in-depth analysis of processed data, and post-project support of the publication of results as well as patent and FDA application submissions.