Integrated Bioanalytical Solutions for Complex Scientific Challenges

Bioanalytical Laboratory Services

Bioanalytical Solutions for Complex Scientific Challenges

At Frontage, we believe that we deliver high-quality bioanalytical laboratory services through our focus on technical excellence, which enables us to understand and solve complex drug development challenges. Frontage provides comprehensive clinical, preclinical, and discovery phase bioanalytical laboratory solutions to global markets allowing for the successful development of important therapies and products for patients. Our deep scientific expertise in method development, transfer, and validation allows us to provide clients with complex solutions for challenging studies including oncology clinical trials, rare disease assay development, and specialty assays. Our bioanalytical laboratory solutions support every stage of product development.

Frontage bioanalytical services laboratory Our bioanalytical team has been developing methods and analyzing bioanalytical samples for more than 20 years. We have over 130 scientists in 3 facilities located in the USA and China. Our senior scientists average 10 – 15 years in complex drug development and many come from leading Pharmaceutical companies. Over 70% of our scientists hold advanced degrees.

Global Operations

Frontage has integrated its services and platforms across the globe. Through our two continents, one system approach, we ensure that we have standardized SOPs and quality standards at all Frontage locations. Facilities have the same instrument setup and systems in place to ensure data consistency. Our global teams work closely together to ensure the continuity of programs.

  • Clearly defined roles: scientists, PIs, management, QA/QC​​
  • Timely project communications ​
  • Team up in method troubleshooting & training​
  • Regular TCs and updates ​
  • Exchange visits between the two sites​

Frontage Facilities with Bioanalytical Services

Frontage has facilities in Exton, PA, Hayward, CA, and Vancouver, Canada providing R&D and GLP-compliant, quantitative mass spectrometry services to biotech and pharmaceutical industries, supporting all preclinical and clinical PK / TK / DDI / BA / BE, protein binding, and biomarker studies.

Full Suite of Bioanalytical Services

Frontage’s experienced bioanalytical scientists support a full suite of services using state-of-the-art instrumentation and software.

6600 MS - Bioanalytical Laboratory Services

Quality Assured Bioanalytical Labs

Frontage stays up to date with the latest ICH guidances – Read “Implementing ICH M10: Finally, a Harmonized Bioanalytical Method Validation Guidance.” Frontage’s bioanalytical labs are compliant with internal standard operating procedures (SOP), Good Laboratory Practice (GLP), and CLIA Certified Laboratory. Our audit history with regulatory authorities and client inspections is outstanding. In addition to our stringent SOPs, Watson LIMS, e-Notebook, and a validated freezer temperature monitoring system; central security alarm monitoring, and 24-hour card-controlled facility access ensure the highest levels of data integrity.