Technology Platforms

Cell Based Assays

Technology Platforms

We offer routine cell phenotyping, cell adhesion and migration, cell-potency, cell-based immunogenicity, organoid modeling, as well as single-cell genomics and cellular phenomics, such as scRNA-seq. 

Phenotypic Cell Assays (R&D,Regulated, GxP) 

  1. Apoptosis assays 
  2. Necrosis assays 
  3. Pyroptosis assays 
  4. Ferroptosis assays  
  5. Proliferation Assays  
  6. Viability Assays  
  7. Cell adhesion 
  8. Cell migration 
  9. Permeability assay 
  10. Reporter assay 

Stable cell line development (R&D) 

  1. Development stable cell lines from biopsy samples. 
  2. Viral transduction based cell line development. 
  3. Chemo-resistance based cell line development. 
  4. Virus-based induced pluripotent cell. 
  5. Organoid modeling from biopsy samples and stem cells 

Cell potency assay (regulated, GxP) 

  1. Virus 
  2. ADC drugs 
  3. Biosimilar, e.g., insulin biosimilar drugs, cytokine similar drugs 
  4. mRNA drugs, e.g., mRNA vaccines 

Cell-based Neutralizing Antibody (NAb) Assays (regulated, GxP) 

We offer a panel of cell based NAb assays, such as for biosimilar drugs, ADC drugs, oncolytic virus drugs, as well as custom-specific drug cellular function- based assays. We have extensive experience on NAb assays as follows. 

  1. Cell proliferation based-NAb assays. 
  2. Cell death based-NAb assays. 
  3. Cell signal transduction based-NAb assays. 
  4. Reporter-based NAb assays. 
  5. Cell-western-based NAb assays. 
  6. Virus-titer based-NAb assays.