Small Molecule Bioanalysis


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Small Molecule Bioanalysis / Mass Spectrometry Based Bioanalysis  

At Frontage, Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art bioanalytical instruments including Sciex 6500+ and 7500 and software programs for the efficient handling of challenging bioanalytical projects. We offer a broad array of mass spectrometry based bioanalysis services.  

Our Small Molecule Bioanalysis Services Include:  

  • Method development, transfer, partial validation, method qualification and validation, cross validation  
  • Sample Analysis  
  • Nonclinical toxicokinetic /pharmacokinetic screening  
  • Clinical PK/bioavailability studies  
  • Bioequivalence studies, including highly variable drugs and narrow therapeutical window drugs  
  • Therapeutic drug monitoring studies  
  • Drug-drug interaction studies  
  • Protein binding studies  
  • Tissue analysis  
  • Pediatrics bioanalysis involving micro-sampling techniques  
  • Liposomal drugs  
  • Inhalant drugs/transdermal patch with ultra-low sensitivity requirement  
  • Elemental Analysis (Metals)  
  • Amino acids analysis  
  • Pegylated drugs  
  • LNPs  
  • Chiral compounds requiring chiral separation  
  • Dose escalation First-In-Human studies   
  • Global late phase III studies  
  • Endogenous analytes or biomarker assays  
  • Multi-domain therapeutical proteins, including mAb, bispecific antibodies, ADCs (antibody-drug conjugates), PDCs (peptide-drug conjugates)  
  • Oligonucleotides  

Our scientific expertise extends to projects that combine small and large-molecule bioanalytical activities such as protein, antibody, antibody-drug conjugates, biomarker analysis , gene and cell therapy drugs as well using mass spectrometry platform. A dedicated biologics LCMS team works together with our sponsors to tackle any bioanalytical challenges beyond the traditional small molecules bioanalysis.   

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