FTE Services


Frontage offers FTE service models to support your bioanalysis program 

  1. Satellite Lab at Frontage Site:  
  • Dedicated Lab Space and Resources for a specific Client, so the Client does not need to add extra space or head count.   
  • Equipment owned by Frontage but dedicated solely to the Client, so that all the equipment is well maintained and is available as per Client’s needs.  
  • Operations maintained by Frontage: Equipment installation, PM, Calibration, Hiring, Procurement, Sample coordination, Validation, Qualification, Stability, BA.  
  • Access to Client systems via AWS/Cloud PC for seamless data transfer, coordination, real-time visibility, and transparency.  
  • Oversight by both Client and Frontage Management.   
  • Benefits: Avoid bottleneck at Client site in regards to Space/Resource/Equipment, flexibility, fast turnaround, large capacity, transparency, cross-trained analysts, workload management, seamless data transfer, raw data storage, documentation, compliance review/audit, cost-effective.   
  1. FTE at Frontage Site:  
  • Dedicated resources working at Frontage site under direct supervision of Frontage Manager.  
  • Work at Frontage Site, using Frontage SOP/Protocol/Equipment.   
  • Reagents/Consumables provided by Client.  
  • Most tasks accomplished by Frontage team independently – less involvement from Client’s end, on need to basis.   
  • Final data submitted to Client using DTA agreement.   
  1. FTE at Client Site:   
  • Dedicated resources working at Client site under direct supervision of Client Manager, so the Client does not need to increase their head count.   
  • Work entirely in Client environment, using Client SOP/Protocol/Equipment.  
  • Direct working relationship with Client team.  
  • Flexible head count, and cross-trained analysts.  
  • Short- or long-term Flex staff at Client site for additional flexibility, and Client oversight.