Participate in a Clinical Study

Participate in a Clinical Study

Frontage Covid-19 Policy: Safety is Our Priority

Frontage Clinical Services prioritizes the safety and well-being of our study participants, our employees, and visitors to our clinic. As such, we have incorporated additional policies and procedures, as recommended by the CDC, WHO and local health authorities, to minimize risk in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. These include:

All staff are required to remain at home if they or close contacts are experiencing symptoms of fever, cough or other symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection.

Enhanced cleaning and sanitation is scheduled throughout the building, with special attention to touch surfaces.

Hand sanitizer stations are placed throughout the facility.

Everyone entering the building will be required to:

  • Complete and sign a health questionnaire attesting to lack of symptoms consistent with COVID-19 infection
  • Have a temperature of 100.4° F or less
  • Wear a mask
  • Practice social distancing

Everyone admitted for an overnight stay in the clinic:

  • Will be tested for COVID-19 infection, and remain in a quarantine area until test results are obtained
  • Have temperature taken at least daily
  • Adhere to enhanced social distancing measures, including a limited number of subjects in restroom at any one time, beds 6 feet apart and separated by screens, chairs separated by at least 6 feet
  • Will be served food from vendors who comply with state health department COVID guidelines, with all utensils individually wrapped.

Frontage Clinical Services will continue to monitor our mitigation measures on an on-going basis as our knowledge of COVID-19 evolves.  We look forward to assisting our clients in the important work they are doing while protecting the health and safety of our employees and study participants.

What is a Clinical Research Study

Clinical research studies are scientific research studies on human volunteers performed to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of new drugs before they are submitted to the FDA for approval.

By performing clinical trials with human volunteers, research physicians find new and better ways to prevent and diagnose medical problems.

Why Participate in Clinical Studies

  • You can make a noble contribution for the good of society. By participating in a clinical study, you help to bring new medicines to people who need them the most.
  • You will be compensated for your time and participation.
  • You will receive a free medical exam and clinical laboratory tests.

Who can be a Volunteer

  • Frontage enrolls new participants on an ongoing basis as clinical trials cannot be conducted without volunteers and Frontage values all who are interested in participating in a study.
  • You must able to understand the study and give your consent to participate
  • You will be required to go through a series of basic screening procedures to evaluate if you meet the individual study requirements.
  • You must be able to follow study guidelines and restrictions