PK/TK Studies


Method Development, Transfer, and Validation 

  • Small Molecules  
  • Peptides  
  • Proteins  
  • Labile compounds  
  • Inhalant drugs  
  • Amino acids  
  • PEGylated  
  • Liposomal  
  • ADC’s  
  • Oligo’s  
  • Chiral  
  • Biomarkers  
  • Elemental (Metals)  
  • Micro-sampling  
  • Nicotine  
  • All biological matrices  

Sample Analysis  

  • Preclinical PK/TK and All Clinical Studies  
  • DDI  
  • BA  
  • BE  
  • Dose escalation FIH  
  • Global Phase III   
  • Protein binding studies  
  • Biomarker studies  
  • Pediatrics  
  • CMS/DBS  
  • Tissue  

From method development or transfer and validation to preclinical non-GLP, GLP studies and GCLP clinical studies sample analysis and reporting, Frontage’s bioanalytical team has earned a reputation for consistent and high-quality delivery, project after project, year after year over the last two decades. With over 100 LC-MS/MS instruments available and over 450 high talented scientists in our global bioanalytical laboratories for methods development, validation, and sample analysis, we have the sufficient capacity and scientific expertise to meet various study needs for our customers globally.   

Quantitation of Complex Compounds  

At Frontage, we support clients with challenging and unique studies. We have extensive experience with Liposomal and encapsulated drugs, inhalant drugs with ultra-low sensitivity requirements, PEGylated compounds, oligos, ADC, Mab, bispecific antibodies and other multi-domain biologics.