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About Frontage

ESG Strategy Development

At Frontage, we are dedicated to upholding sustainability and actively exploring ways to benefit both society and the environment. Our goal is to foster a positive social influence by giving back to those in need, all while striving to drive meaningful change. Within our organization, ESG principles are fundamental to our mission.

We imbue our operations with the values of “Quality, Integrity, Innovation, and Care,” ensuring the integration of ESG strategy into our business activities.

A well-constructed ESG strategy and the solid ESG governance are essential to achieving our commitments. Our ESG strategy is designed around four key pillars, where we are uniquely positioned to address the most critical environmental, social, and governance issues facing our stakeholders

To ensure effective implementation, the Company has implemented Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPs”) under each pillar in every jurisdiction where it operates. This approach guarantees that we adhere to our ESG commitments and ensures that our stakeholders can rely on us to prioritize their interests.

ESG Goals and Progress

AspectsGoals2023 Progression
Total Energy15% total energy consumption density reduction by 2030 compared to 2019 as a base year17.28% total density reduction
Climate Change15% GHG emissions (scope 1 + scope 2) density reduction by 2030 compared to 2019 as a base year9.93% GHG emission density reduction
Non-Hazardous Waste30% non-hazardous waste density reduction by 2030 compared to 2019 as a base year34.88% non-hazardous waste density reduction
Hazardous Waste100% compliant disposal of hazardous waste100% compliant disposal of hazardous waste
Water ManagementProgressively reducing water consumption densityDue to the operations in China and Canada, water consumption density increased in 2023. The company will proactively work to reduce water consumption density in the future.

2023 Highlights