Quality Assurance

A commitment to our partner’s overall success

Frontage strives to adhere to strict global regulatory standards across all business units, as well as local laws and regulations in the areas in which we operate.

This best practice affirms our ability to provide products and services based on scientific principles, values, and the highest quality standard which differentiates us from our competitors.

Our Quality Assurance team has in-depth knowledge and expertise practicing effective quality system oversight. We utilize well-established internal quality audit programs to ensure compliance, data integrity and safety of clinical trials.

Frontage receives routine inspections and/or approval from regulatory agencies such as:

  • US FDA
  • DEA
  • CDC
  • Health Canada
  • China FDA
  • European Union
  • WHO

Our high-quality standard signifies our commitment to our partner’s overall success. As a result, our industry-leading services make a lasting impact on drug development, clinical research, and the lives of patients worldwide.