Technology Platforms


Technology Platforms

Automation plays a crucial role in industries; it allows experiments to be completed faster and with fewer errors compared to manual processes.

In a laboratory when high throughput is essential, sample preparation is the greatest time constraint for maximum efficiency. In Frontage laboratories, Inc., we own multiple automation platforms: including Hamilton instruments, Tomtec instruments, Integra instruments, Lynx instruments, Formulatrix instruments to name a few.


Automation allows Frontage labs to take this tedious and error prone task out of the hands of the scientists and into the hands of highly accurate and customizable robots. 

In Frontage, automation can now be applied to the following technology-related assays. 

Featured Automation Platforms


The Hamilton Microlab STAR and STARlet are the two most capable and versatile liquid handling robots we have here at Frontage. The STARlet, the smaller of the two instruments, features a 96 channel pipetting head which is highly efficient at transferring uniform amounts of liquid to multiple plates in just a few minutes.  

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The Microlab STAR is much more versatile with 1000uL channels and 5mL channels. Each of these channels can act independently from one another which is useful for filling out complex plate maps. The channels are capable of reaching individual standard, QC, and sample tubes which gives us the ability to run a single program and fill multiple complete plates at once with no manual input required. 


The Integra VIAFLO can be fitted with either a 96 or 384 well pipetting head which can be changed in just one minute. While in most cases these instruments do require user input, there is a hands-free mode which allows for automatic movement and pipetting. It is best for transferring equal amounts of buffer to a full plate.  

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The Integra Assist plus is a robot which utilizes an Integra Voyager pipette as the pipetting head. The Assist plus is fully automated and excels at small scale serial dilutions. It is also very user friendly because it can be operated using the digital screen on the Voyager pipette.  


The Tomtec Quadra has a 96 well pipetting head which is excellent for full plate transfers. It also features a vacuum which our Mass Spectrometry and Chromatography team uses for solid phase extraction methods.  


Lynx automated liquid handling platform features the unique, Volume Verified Pipetting (VVP) technology that has independent volume control and pressure sensors on all channels of the 96 Channel Head. Award-winning Volume Verified Pipetting (VVP) technology represents the very latest in air-based 8, 24 & 96 multi-channel pipetting. 

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This MANTIS robot can be loaded with multiple reagents and is capable of precisely dispensing very small volumes of liquid. The main advantage of this robot is how efficient it is with consumables due to its lack of tip usage and its small footprint.  

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The Tecan Freedom EVO is very similar to the Hamilton Microlab STAR in that it is a large deck, high throughput, and programmable liquid handling robot. Its high versatility and customizability allow it to perform complex tasks such as filling Elisa and from start to finish.