In Vivo Services

Radiolabeled Studies

In Vivo Services

Radiolabeled Studies

At Frontage we provide a comprehensive suite of radiolabeled studies including in-life administration with radiolabeled compounds, mass balance, pharmacokinetics of total radioactivity and the test compound, and metabolite profiling in plasma, urine, and feces.

  • Mass balance and metabolite identification in preclinical species
  • Tissue distribution (QWBA) and dosimetry
  • Mass balance and metabolite identification in human (hAME)
  • Radiolabeled test article synthesis

In vivo metabolism, tissue distribution and mass balance with3H or14C labeled compounds – In life animal dose, sample collection, and sample analysis

  • Single or multiple (repeat) doses via various routes
  • Intact animals (including JVC/FVC) or BDC rats
  • Custom made airtight enclosures for scavenging14C-CO2.
  • Sample collection: 2 to 5 days for metabolite profiles/ID and 5 to 7 days for mass balance

Mass Balance and Metabolite Profiling in Bile Duct Cannulated Rats

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