Product Development

Formulation Development

Product Development

Expertise in a wide range of dosage forms

Designs formulations for targeted delivery of a therapeutic and develops GMP manufacturing processes to ensure a high quality product is produced for clinical trials.

We develop finished products supporting IND, NDA filings and generic ANDA filings. Our facilities have been designed for flexibility, as we offer a variety of dosage forms and the ability to handle highly potent compounds and DEA-controlled substances.

Fact: We have worked with 400+ clients, supporting 400+ compounds and 700+ GMP batches.

[Webinar] Sterile Nanoemulsion Product Development: Challenges and Future Prospects

Hear a Frontage case study, learn about a nanoemulsion development process using a microfluidizer, and find out what factors to consider while developing a sterile ophthalmic nanoemulsion formulation.

  • IND: Formulation development and CTM manufacturing of oral solid, semi-solid (topical), liquid, and sterile dosage forms
  • ANDA: Reverse engineering, formulation development, and tech transfer
  • Consumer products: OTC reformulation
  • High potency suite for CTM manufacturing
  • Sterile suite for CTM manufacturing (Phase I)
  • DEA manufacturing license for controlled substances (CI-V)
  • Proof of Concept studies in animals
  • Integrated services with Frontage’s clinical center

Read our article on the development of nanoemulsions and their use as drug-delivery systems.