Discovery ADME

Early ADME studies enabling go/no-go decisions

Discovery ADME

Many investigational new drug (IND) applications fail during preclinical and clinical development due to the drug’s poor pharmacokinetic properties and toxicity, which result in a high attrition rate. Early in vitro ADME studies, in parallel with approaches for optimizing the biochemical and cellular activities of the compounds, ensure that only the most promising compound is selected as your lead candidate. At Frontage, we help sponsors adopt ADME studies in this phase to reduce costs in the later stages by screening for failed compounds and providing the necessary studies for regulatory approval. Check out our DMPK solutions for the later stages of the drug development process.

Our team uses optimized in vitro testing systems (e.g., hepatocytes, liver microsomes) and access to analytical instruments such as high-throughput tandem mass spectrometry LC/MS/MS systems and robotic automation systems.

Discovery ADME Services at Frontage

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