Safety Assessment & Toxicology

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Safety Assessment & Toxicology

Veterinary Pathology is essential in pharmaceutical research, elucidating cellular and molecular alterations, facilitating the creation of novel treatment strategies, and the development of translational biomarkers.

In drug safety research, veterinary pathology enables the comprehensive characterization of tissue samples to assure accurate safety assessment prior to human clinical trials. 

Consider Frontage Labs as your pathology partner, whether you’re performing basic research or developing the next block buster drug, we want to join you on your journey. Leverage our pathology expertise to support you through your development efforts by delivering the highest quality results and helping you reach your milestones. We look forward to collaborating and supporting your success. 

  • Experienced Veterinary Pathologists who understand drug research in a global market 
  • Robust general histology capabilities available across multiple sites
  • Capabilities to deliver high quality results on-time 
  • Flexibility and scalability to manage projects ranging from small research initiatives to large chronic toxicology studies 
  • Access to industry thought leaders in drug safety and toxicology within Frontage Labs