In Vivo Services


In Vivo Services
Exosome Profiling Services

Pharmacokinetics studies investigate the absorption, distribution, metabolism, and excretion of new chemical entities.

In vivo PK screening provides fast, accurate, and reliable drug pharmacokinetic (PK) data allowing researchers to quickly measure the concentration of compounds in plasma or tissue samples, enabling them to rapidly identify promising compounds for further development.. 

  • Rapid PK screening in rodents 
  • Definitive PK in rat, dog and NHP 
  • Target tissue exposure 
  • Mechanism of clearance in BDC rat using cold compound 
  • Formulation selection and dose-proportionality 


  • Discrete and cassette administrations via intravenous, oral, subcutaneous, intraperitoneal and intramuscular routes at AAALAC accredited facilities 
  • Serial blood sampling from multiple species (i.e. mouse, rat, dog, minipig) using manual or automated collection 
  • Tissue collection (e.g. brain, liver, spleen) 
  • Excretion studies in BDC and intact rats using unlabeled test article (i.e. collection of bile, urine and feces); determination of renal and biliary clearance 
  • Bioanalysis using LC-MS/MS (i.e. SCIEX API 5000, SCIEX 5500, SCIEX 5500 QTRAP® and SCIEX 6500+ systems)
  • PK parameters calculated using WinNonlin Software

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