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ADME / TOX Screening

Offering rapid metabolite profiling

In vitro reaction phenotyping methods enable a prediction of human pharmacokinetics and dosages and determine the significance of individual human-specific drug metabolizing enzymes.

Reaction phenotyping is very useful to predict the in vivo metabolic clearance and the contribution of individual drug metabolizing enzymes to the total in vivo clearance.

Metabolite identification plays a key role in drug discovery, pre-clinical development, and clinical development. Metabolite ID studies are designed not only to screen metabolites, but these purpose-driven assays can also answer different questions.

At Frontage, we use liquid chromatography with tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) for quantitative and qualitative metabolomics studies. We offer in vitro metabolite identification of microsome, hepatocyte and cell line incubations, as well as in vivo plasma, urine, and feces of small molecules and ADCs.