Antibody Drug Conjugates


Due to the heterogeneous property of ADC drugs, a comprehensive solution involving three PK methods, one ADA method, one Neutralizing Antibody method, and protein biomarker method is typically required for each  ADC program.  

Over the past decade, Frontage has provided extensive support for many ADC drugs bioanalysis targeting a variety of antigens.  

  • Her2
  • Her3
  • CD30
  • CD38
  • CD45
  • CD117
  • TROP2
  • ADAM9
  • Claudin18.2
  • TF
  • c-Met
  • CD79b
  • H7-B3
  • 5T4
  • ALPP
  • ALPPL2

With a track record of analyzing over 40 ADC drugs for global clients, Frontage has demonstrated extensive scientific expertise across various payload classes such as Calicheamicin, Auristatins, Maytansinoids, PBDs, Tubulysins, Duocarmacin, Exatecan, Camptothecin, Dxd, SN38 and others.   

Intergrated Service 

Leveraging integrated services from our bioanalytical laboratories and central lab facilities worldwide, Frontage is well equipped to support all types of ADCs global scale clinical and preclinical studies.  

Project Management:  

Our team stands ready to address and tackle any challenging method development needs for ADC drugs with our strong scientific expertise. To ensure seamless project coordination, we have designated Super Project management, facilitating the integration of project status from all different business units and serving as single point of contact for our customers. This strategic approach is vital for the successful completion of the ADCs bioanalytical challenges, giving the typically complex requirements involving various PK and ADA methods.   

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