Organic Chemistry

Address challenging synthetic and medicinal targets

Organic Chemistry Services

Frontage’s Chemistry services are provided at Acme Bioscience, Inc. a wholly-owned subsidiary of Frontage Laboratories. Our chemistry service supports a critical piece of the drug discovery process for small organic molecules. We provide discovery chemistry, medicinal chemistry, process chemistry research & development, chemical, and GMP API manufacturing services for worldwide biopharmaceutical companies. With extensive experience in antiviral and anti-bacterial research, along with expertise in nucleotides, nucleosides, triphosphates pro-drugs, heterocycles, and boron-containing compounds. Frontage has also partnered with many clients in developing new chemical entities. Our locations in Palo Alto, CA and Shanghai, China are developed specifically to cater to these services.

Project-Based Custom Synthesis

Frontage tailors each project to our clients’ needs, using existing synthesis pathways or developing new routes to ensure quick and effective completion of each project. Our experiences include, but are not limited to:

  • Reference compounds
  • Building blocks & intermediates
  • Small libraries
  • Stable isotopes
  • Nucleoside triphosphate
  • Chiral synthesis and chiral separation

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Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Services

Frontage’s FTE Service model offers increased flexibility and access to our highly experienced chemists to help our clients address challenging synthetic and medicinal targets. Our FTE services are personalized for each project to guarantee that the objectives are met or exceeded. Our highly experienced chemists have been trained in top academic research labs most have PhD degrees and decades of R&D experience in the pharmaceutical industry. We collaborate with a wide range of organizations and offer multiple FTE models to many of the world’s top companies, in addition to academic research groups around the world.


  • NMR 400 MHz
  • LC-MS
  • SFC
  • Analytical HPLC with CAD
  • Prep HPLC
  • GC with head injector
  • High-Pressure Reactor (2000 psi)
  • Microwave Synthesizer
  • Photo Reactor & Polarimeter
  • Lyophilizer & Biotage Flash System
  • Lab: 20 L, 50 L, 100 L Reactors
  • Electronic Lab Notebook (ELN)

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