CMC Measuring Biological Activity Of Biopharmaceuticals With …

The biological activity of biopharmaceutical compounds (such as peptides, monoclonal antibodies, growth factors, and cytokines) has a direct bearing on their potency, which is a critical quality
attribute and a representation of efficacy. For biopharma companies,
measuring a cell’s bioactivity is important when:
• Screening compounds to develop the lead candidate;
• Validating potency when applying for regulatory approval;
• Confirming that the biological characteristics of the productremain consistent throughout the development cycle andfrom lot-to-lot, or site-to-site;
• Controlling for a compound’s quality prior to productrelease (either for a clinical trial or commercialization);
• Testing for stability; and
• Demonstrating biosimilarity between a biosimilar and theoriginator compound.

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