PK Screening

Fast and reliable exposure and clearance data

PK Screening

Screening PK for Early Discovery

Frontage offers fast and reliable PK screening services in mouse and rat. Screening PK provides the initial data of in vivo exposure and clearance of a compound, an essential step before the subsequent animal efficacy and PD studies. Adopting efficient PK studies during discovery helps in choosing the right lead candidate. PK screening is used in preclinical efficacy species to determine if a compound has the necessary exposure to achieve efficacy following in vivo dosing. Such screening studies may help in elucidating if the compound in question specific to the target and if it has enough systemic exposure for efficacy. When studies are performed in combination with in vitro ADME studies, candidates with poor absorption, inability to reach the therapeutic target, potential for cross-interactions can be screened out.

For later-stage drug candidates, Frontage offers dog and monkey PK services.

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