Mass Spectrophotometry

Reputation for consistent, high-quality project delivery

Mass Spectrophotometry

Our laboratories are equipped with state-of-the-art bioanalytical instruments and software programs for efficient handling of challenging bioanalytical projects. We offer a broad array of small molecule bioanalysis services.

Our Small Molecule Bioanalysis Services Include:

• Method development, transfer and validation
• Sample Analysis
• Nonclinical toxicokinetic /pharmacokinetic screening
• Clinical PK/bioavailability studies
• Bioequivalence studies
• Therapeutic drug monitoring studies
• Drug-drug interaction studies
• Protein binding studies
• Tissue analysis

Our expertise extends to projects that combine small and large molecule bioanalytical activities such as protein, antibody, antibody drug conjugates and biomarker analysis for small molecule drug candidates.

From method development or transfer and validation to sample analysis and reporting, Frontage’s bioanalytical team has earned a reputation for consistent and high-quality delivery, project after project. With over 66 LC-MS/MS instruments available for methods development, validation and sample analysis, we have the capacity and expertise to meet study timelines.

Expertise in a Wide Range of Techniques and Processes

Method Development, Transfer and Validation Sample Analysis
Small Molecules​ Preclinical PK/TK and All Clinical Studies​
Peptides​ DDI​
Proteins​ BA​
Labile​ BE​
PEG-ylated Protein binding studies​
Liposomal​ Biomarker studies​
ADC’s​ Pediatrics ​
Oligo’s​ CMS/DBS​
Chiral​ Tissue​
Elemental (Metals)​
All biological matrices​

Quantitation of Complex Compounds

At Frontage we support clients with challenging and unique studies. We have extensive experience with Liposomal and encapsulated drugs, PEG-ylated compounds, oligos, ADC, ADA and Mab.