COVID-19 Capabilities

Supporting the development of new vaccines and therapeutics

COVID-19 Capabilities

Service Capabilities to Support the Fight Against COVID-19

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At Frontage Labs, we are committed to addressing the immediate threats of COVID-19 by supporting the development of new vaccines and anti-viral therapeutic programs. According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and Clinical Trials.Gov, there are more than 2,000 ongoing clinical trials to find a cure for COVID-19. We are working closely with biopharma sponsors globally to provide solutions to support the development of new therapeutics, vaccines, and testing kits. Our labs are open and fully operational to support your immediate project needs. We have the ability to process COVID-19 molecular and antibody testing, in addition to COVID-19-positive PK and PD samples.

Frontage can offer rapid turn-around in the following service areas.

Bioanalytical Method Validation and Sample Analysis in a Designated BSL-2 Lab

Frontage’s GLP and CLIA dedicated facilities are ready to receive and analyze COVID-19 biological samples for new vaccines and drug therapies in our Biohazard Safety Level-2 (BSL-2) labs.  Our 20+ years of scientific and operational expertise in bioanalysis positions us to support our clients during the COVID-19 pandemic for method development, validation, and sample analysis across a multitude of industry-leading platforms including LC/MS-MS and MSD.

BSL2 Lab 3 - COVID-19 Capabilities

Formulation Development and GMP Clinical Trial Material Manufacturing

Our formulation development and GMP CTM teams can expedite COVID-19 projects to support our clients in the race to address the pandemic. We can quickly provide oral and sterile formulated GMP clinical trial materials to be used for COVID-19 patients.

Analytical Support for COVID-19 Testing Kits and Products

Our analytical chemistry teams can analyze finished drug products to be used for COVID-19 patients.

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Safety and Toxicology

Frontage’s Safety/Toxicology site in Concord, Ohio has a long history of undertaking IND-enabling and specialty studies of pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other products, and during the ongoing COVID-19 situation the site continues to operate at full capacity.  The site undertakes studies in NHPs and all other common laboratory species and is supported by robust add-on capabilities including bioanalysis and histopathology.