Mini Ames

Early insights into drug mutagenic potential

Mini Ames

Frontage offers non-GLP mini Ames tests in which Salmonella cell lines are used to monitor the mutagenic potential of the test compounds. Most compounds that are found to induce genetic mutations in preclinical models are often discontinued for further efforts due to the dramatically increased risk of toxicity. The only rare exceptions are certain life-saving oncology drug candidates.  

Mini AMES 768x371 1 - Mini Ames 

Salmonella strains cannot grow in histidine-free medium unless mutations occur in certain genes. The mini Ames assay is performed in 384-well plates using two Salmonella strains: TA98 (frameshift mutation) and TA100 (base-pair substitutions). The Ames test can be carried out in the presence and absence of a metabolizing system to identify potential mutagenicity by the parent compound and its metabolites. 

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