Next-generation precision medicine


​Genomics provides unprecedented data quantity, quality, resolution, and speed to enable and facilitate research and treatment of diseases. Our genomics team has extensive experience with a wide array of genomics services for pharmaceutical and clinical research in gene and cell therapy.

Core Genomic Services

Technologies and Platforms

​Overview of Frontage’s Complete Genomics Services


Targeted Gene Sequencing

Frontage offers cost-effective examination of oncogenes from tumor tissue, biofluids, or genomic or cfDNA samples using targeted sequencing of oncopanels developed by industry leading manufacturers.

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RNA Sequencing Services

Our RNA sequencing services use a combination of state-of-the-art equipment that provides quick and accurate results for your RNA profiling projects.

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Frontage offers advanced sequencing technologies that enable profiling of the microbiome DNA composition and the microbiome RNA composition at unprecedented scales

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