Large Molecule Bioanalytical Services

Frontage’s scientific teams support projects for a range of large molecule development projects including peptides, proteins monoclonal antibodies, oligonucleotides, biomarkers, and antibody drug conjugates. Our large molecule teams are skilled at both ligand binding assays and LC/MS-MS based platforms for large molecule analysis.

From drug discovery through late-phase clinical trials, Frontage provides a range of large molecule development services including:

  • Assay Development / Transfer / Validation
  • Clinical / Pre-clinical Sample Testing
  • PK/TK – Pharmacokinetics Assays
  • Critical reagent labeling
  • Immunogenicity:
  • ADA – Anti-Drug Antibody Assays
  • NAB – Neutralizing Antibody Assays
  • Cell Based Assays
  • Functional in vitro assays
  • Toxicity & Viability
  • PD/Biomarker Assays-- CLIA Certified