Thank you for visiting our 2020 IND-Enabling Toxicology Page!

Frontage Laboratories provides toxicology services to guide new therapies from discovery to full development support.  Our extensive profile of IND enabling pivotal studies support swift progression of your lead compounds into the clinic – streamlining your development process.  We provide the resources of a highly skilled, client-focused staff with extensive academic, scientific and pharmaceutical industry experience.

IND-enabling studies

  • Regulatory/general toxicity
    • Maximum tolerated dose
    • Dose range-finding – 5-14 days
    • Single and repeat-dose GLP
    • Rodents, dogs, NHP, minipig
    • Complete toxicokinetics support with LC-MS/MS
  • Safety pharmacology
    • ICH core battery: CV, CNS, respiratory
    • Supplemental studies: renal, GI
  • Full clinical and anatomic pathology, ophthalmology, ECG

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