GMP API Manufacturing & Organic Synthesis

At Frontage, our organic chemists have the skills to optimize the synthetic chemistry routes required to deliver high-purity APIs. With significant experience in the development, scale-up and small-scale production of APIs and advanced intermediates, our organic chemistry team can assist in all phases of development, from small preclinical batches to commercial quantities.


Frontage's chemistry team is especially well qualified in synthesis of reference standards and drug metabolites. We can handle milligram scale reactions, small-scale purification and isolation in milligram quantities but have the knowledge and equipment to scale up to our cGMP kilo lab. Additionally, Frontage is affiliated with a network of GMP and intermediate manufacturing facilities in Europe, India and China to support scale-up and commercialization.


Services & Capabilities

  • Reference standards

  • Impurity & Metabolite standards


  • API for Tox Studies (GLP Studies)

  • Deuterated standards

  • Metabolite synthesis
  • Process optimization to increase yields/purity of API

  • Process design and scale-up

  • DMF support