Senior Scientist, Biologics

Senior Scientist, Biologics

Exton, PA (Corporate)

Sr. Scientist


  1. Intact mass analysis using mass spectrometry (HPLC-Q-TOF MS)
    1. QC analysis for non-multispecific panels (mAbs, Fabs, scfv)
    2. HTP panel analysis for non-multispecific panels (mAbs, Fabs, scfv)
    3. Intact mass panels for stress studies of non-multispecific molecules
  2. Data analysis, Documentation, and reporting – ELNs, etc.,
  3. Lab instrument maintenance – cleaning spray sources and calibration weekly, prepping calibration solutions
  4. Check HPLC buffers daily and replenish as needed
  5. General lab solutions: Buffers for enzymatic digestions and assays etc
  6. MS Lab specific supply maintenance – inventory and ordering
  7. Chemical inventory for EHS
  8. Performing N-terminal sequencing if available

Job Requirements

  1. BS degree or higher in a scientific discipline

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