Senior Metabolism Scientist-DMPK

Senior Metabolism Scientist-DMPK

Exton, PA (Corporate)

Position Responsibilities:

  • Perform in vitro DMPK studies such as intrinsic clearance determination, reaction phenotyping, enzyme inhibition and induction, plasma protein binding
  • Conduct metabolism studies using various in vitro models. Identify and quantitate metabolites using LC/MS and LC/MS/MS
  • Operate and maintain LC/MS equipment
  • Carry out bi-directional transport studies using Caco-2 cells
  • Prepare written reports for clients upon completion of each task.
  • Work with Study Directors/Sponsors in study design, protocol preparation, and overseeing conduct of studies
  • Effectively manage numerous tasks/projects simultaneously to meet internal/external deadlines while maintaining organizational integration within DMPK team
  • Ensure all laboratory operation and record-keeping are of high quality and compliant with Frontage SOPs or other applicable regulations

Position Requirements:

  • PhD orMS plus 5 + years relevant industry experience in biochemistry, in vitro DMPK or similar discipline with coursework and research relevant to pharmacokinetics and/or drug metabolism.
  • Knowledge of LC/MS/MS analytical techniques
  • Broad post-graduate experience in vitro techniques relevant to DMPK as demonstrated through publications
  • Significant experience and leadership in enzyme kinetics, enzyme inhibition/induction and in vitro systems used in DMPK research
  • Knowledge of cell culture and in vitro systems used for bi-directional transport studies is a plus




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