Exton, PA (Corporate)


For a contract research organization (Frontage Laboratories, Inc. – Exton, PA): perform biologic method transfer, development and validation for drug samples and antibodies; conduct quantitative analysis of drug and metabolites in biological samples utilizing validated liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS); perform immunoassay development; run ligand-binding based bioanalytical assays for Toxicokinetics/Pharmacokinetics (TK/PK) and anti-drug antibodies (ADA) assessments; perform bacterial and cell culture, microscopic cell counting and viability testing; DNA extraction, purification, qPCR and fluorescence detection methods; perform click chemistry, amino acids labeling and protein tagging; comply with all applicable GLPs and regulations.


  1. Master of Science or foreign equivalent degree in Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering or a related field.
  2. 6 months experience in job offered or 6 months research experience.  This required experience must include 6 months experience in impurity quantitation and isolation, particle size analytical techniques, HPLC, drug excipient screening and quantitation, formula (QbD) optimization, GC, LC-MS/MS and UPLC.  Experience can be gained while pursuing degree.
  3. Proficiency in fluorescent molecular imaging techniques and quantitative molecular imaging, biohazard materials handling, sample extraction from biological sources, mouse dissection, animal anesthesia & intravenous (IV) administration, basic pipetting, protein labeling and purification, imaging agent preparation and cell culture techniques.

Work Location: Exton, PA.

Hours:  40 per week – Monday through Friday.



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