IT Specialist II

IT Specialist II

Exton, PA (Corporate)

  • Administrate the systems and users in Windows Active Directory.
  • Analyze, test and troubleshoot network systems across multiple geographical sites, periodically check and analyze firewall logs, monitor local area networks (LANs) and wide area network (WAN) activities, ensure network operates properly and reduce the downtime of the network systems to minimal. Maintain network devices including Cisco ASA and network switches.
  • Troubleshoot and diagnose computers in laboratories connecting to various instruments via Ethernet or the network between instrument control center and data acquisition workstations.
  • Resolve the network connection issues on either office computers or the instrumental workstations, and repair connection problems in a time manner.
  • Perform data backup using Veritas Backup Exec 16 or above. Monitor status of data transferring or data backup and keep the process in stable and secure status.
  • Configure and administrate Microsoft Office 365 and train end users.
  • Document the computer system related incidents and resolutions in IT support ticket system or logbooks.
  • Support Oracle Clinical applications.
  • Maintain IT policies and Standard Operation Policies (SOPs)

Skills and Qualifications:

  • Strong knowledge on Windows Active Directory and network routing, switching and firewall configuration;
  • Knowledge on database management system, such as Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server;
  • Hands-on experience on configuring routes for networks, setting up DNS, DHCP services, make firewall rules to prevent unwanted network access from inside and outside;
  • Extensive skills to diagnose performance, security and connectivity issues with diagnosis software and script language;
  • Experience on configuring servers and workstations to connect to the networks and setting up connections between instruments and lab workstations.

Bachelor’s degree in related fields such as Computer Science plus two years of experience, or Master’s degree in Computer Science. Experiences/knowledge with instruments such as LCMS/MS, ICPMS, HPLC and software Waters Empower, Sciex Analyst, Thermo Fisher Watson, IDBS E-Workbook, Waters UNIFI, Oracle Clinical, Checkpoint etc. are preferred.

Main Responsibilities:

  • Check helpdesk tickets and provide advanced support to helpdesk requests
  • Configure and administrate network connections including network switches.
  • Define and implement user security policy and manage user accounts
  • Create and maintain IT SOPs and policies and document and respond to any incidents.
  • Troubleshoot and support IT applications, devices and servers
  • Work with QA to perform IT document coordinator jobs.
  • Review and troubleshoot any backup issue and search and restore files as requested
  • Create IT related test scripts and work with QA to validate computer systems.
  • Implement, configure and administrate Checkpoint Cloud Guard, Endpoint Complete and Sandblast Mobile
  • Administrate and support business and lab systems such as Salesforces, Symmetry, exacqVision, Watson, e-Workbook, StudyDoc, Waters Empowe, etc.
  • Configure and support key network devices such as Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance, Cisco Catalyst Switches, Sonicwall Security Appliances, etc.
  • Respond to any request for information on IT policies, SOPs and security and data privacy



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