Global Project Manager- Tigermed- US Based

Global Project Manager- Tigermed- US Based

Home Based

Job Purpose:

  • To lead both Tigermed and sponsor teams to implement projects across regions as per sponsor requirements and in compliance with Tigermed policies/SOPs, ICH-GCP and local regulations. To ensure project meets all deliverables with adherence to the contractual agreements in terms of time, quality/scope, and cost./SOP,ICH-GCP
  • GPM provides cross-functional leadership to both sponsor and Tigermed teams to achieve operational excellence and project deliverables. To ensure generation of revenue of responsible projects and customer satisfaction. GPM acts as a role model and/or mentor for the responsible Tigermed project teams. GPM may represent Tigermed at external professional conferences. GPM is required to actively participate in other Tigermed initiatives such as process improvement including professional input/review on Tigermed SOPs and systems to contribute to Tigermed globalization process.


  • Acts as the primary liaison for the sponsors of the responsible studies.
  • Sets up global communication plans to proactively manage risks for the responsible studies.
  • Understands/manages/satisfies sponsor contractual, organizational and relationship needs/expectations.
  • Provides regular reporting on project metrics, status of deliverables and risks/issues with the associated management plans to the sponsors.
  •  Chairs and leads sponsor meetings.
  • Leads and directs cross-functional team leaders and third parties/vendors.
  •  Sets up project plans (multi-service plan including PMP, Risk Management Plan, MP and communication plan).
  • Defines metrics for reporting performance against projection.
  •  Ensures all standard project systems and tools are set up correctly and function appropriately.
  •  Implements operational strategies as defined in the project plans and regularly reviews and revises the plans to ensure desired outcome.
  • Identifies best practices learnt during projects and shares across the organization.
  •  Guides and supports team members in identifying and analysing risks, prioritising, trouble-shooting and contingency planning.
  •  Delegates whilst retaining ownership.
  • Communicates project specific priorities.
  •  Liaises with functional leads/managers to optimise performance and utilisation of project team members.
  •  Establishes team goals, inspires individual ownership, and establishes processes to support project result accountability. Leads internal monthly project review meetings.
  • Manages project contractual deliverable in terms of project milestone payments and quality ensurance
  • Establishes project plans including timelines, monitoring, resource, risk/contingency and quality planning.
  • Establishes quality standards for the projects and drives individual and team commitment

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Academic / Major- Bachelor degree or above in Medical, Pharmacology or Biology related major. College diploma can be accepted if the personal attributes and relevant project management experience are sufficiently justified.
  •  Professional Skills-Adequate knowledge of current drug development processes and regulations, including local regulations, GCP, clinical trial operations. Current GCP certificate required.
  • Business skills such as budgeting and business knowledge are a bonus. GCP
  • Work Experience- A minimum of 10 years industry experience, including a minimum of 6 years project management experience, CRO work experience preferred. If outstanding PM achievement is shown, suitable candidate will be considered.
  • Language ability -Fluent in both written and spoken English;Local languages fluency is preferred. Computer Literacy Excellent command of Microsoft offices.  Other abilities such as communication skill\Information analysis skill.
  • Strong project management skill; Strong time management skill.


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