Small Molecule Bioanalytical Development

Our contract bioanalytical laboratory services – from method/assay development, transfer, validation to sample analysis of small molecules, large molecules and biomarkers – are managed by highly experienced scientists. In fact, the majority of Frontage bioanalytical scientists hold advanced degree credentials. 

Specialties include:

  • Esoteric and complex assay development, including endogenous biomarker and highly sensitive methods
  • Labile compounds
    • Stabilization of labile compounds and sample analysis
  • Anti-body drug candidates
  • Tissue sample analysis
    • Method development and validation using fit-for-purpose approach and sample analysis using LC-MS/MS
    • Radiolabeled for mass balance
  • Microsampling (dried  blood spot analysis)
  • Liposomal delivery systems

Our laboratories are equipped with the latest bioanalytical instrumentation and software platforms for efficiency and precision, supported by the robust quality systems. We have one of the largest facilities on the East Coast in North America with more than 36 LC-MS/MS systems. Download the Frontage nonproprietary bioanalytical methods list.

Frontage stays aligned with our clients’ evolving bioanalysis needs through advanced instrumentation. Current resources include:

  • Applied Biosystems API 4000, Q-Trap and 5000 MS/MS systems equipped with high-throughput HPLC and UFLC capabilities designed for prevention of analyte carryover
  • Agilent 7700x ICP-MS 
  • Tomtec and Tecan liquid handling systems for automation of sample preparation
  • Tissue sample preparation using Covaris AFA ultrasonic extraction instruments, equipped with cryogenic pulverization of hard tissues
  • UV and fluorescence detection HPLC systems
  • LIMS for data management and reporting, centralized and secured for operation in both US and China facilities

Global Operations

Both the US and Chinese bioanalytical labs are managed under a single global quality standard and validated data system.  This unified quality system enables Frontage to transfer and cross validate methods for clinical study support between our US and China labs.  It offers multicenter clinical study sample analysis and a unified data report for multinational studies. 

Excellence in Compliance 

At Frontage, your satisfaction is the key to the way we do business. We deliver solid science, with an outstanding compliance record, but the goal is always to help you achieve your objectives. The end result of our sophisticated operating systems is a spotless compliance record. Frontage has current CLIA certification and PA state DOH certification, and is GLP compliant.