Preclinical Formulation Development

After selecting a lead drug candidate, you may face several hurdles to ensuring the successful delivery of the molecule to the target site of treatment.

Common challenges are often due to the physico-chemical properties of the drug substance itself.  These include solubility, membrane permeability, stability and interactions with formulation excipients. 

With our innovative approach, Frontage excels at solving complex problems with speed and efficiency.  When it comes to formulation development, we have helped clients develop rational and creative strategies by incorporating Quality by Design (QbD) principles.

 Quality by Design for Quick Prototype Development

Using QbD in the early stages of the drug development process leads to quick prototype development as critical knowledge is gained up front.  This knowledge includes the product attributes, process parameters, material attributes and operation controls required for the formulation and its manufacturing process.

Frontage helps clients implement a rational, stepwise approach to QbD throughout the preclinical and clinical stages of product development. In turn, this approach allows the development team to create an optimized formulation and a robust, scalable process earlier in the timeline. This approach may also avoid the potential for clinical failure of the candidate due to bioavailability or absorption issues.

To achieve these advantages, partner with Frontage team members who are familiar with implementing the QbD concepts in various types of product development programs and have a proven track record of successfull scaled-up processes.  Allow us to add efficiencies and effectiveness to your drug development program.