Volunteer and Patient Recruitment

With a dedicated recruitment department led by a full time recruitment manager, Frontage provides fast and effcient clinical study enrollment of volunteers and Fast, efficient clinical recruitmentpatients.


If you are interested in participating in a study, please contact Frontage at 888.227.9499 to speak directly with a study coordinator.


During the call, we will explain the studies that are currently enrolling subjects and answer any questions you may have to determine if you meet the criteria for a given study. If you are eligible for a study based on an initial phone screening, you will be invited to visit the research facility for a screening visit.


You will be asked to review and sign an informed consent form before any study procedures are performed. This consent form explains the details of a specific study and any potential side effects of the medication(s) administered during the study. Based on the results of the screening visit, you may be eligible to enroll in a particular study. You can receive more information by registering online at our enroll in a study page and filling out the study's subject registration form, and we will contact you. 


Thank you for your interest!