Large Molecule Bioanalytical Development

Frontage's scientific teams support projects for a range of large molecule development projects, including peptides, proteins, monoclonal antibodies and anti-body drug conjugates.  We are also working with clients to ensure biosimilar development results in products that are safe and effective. Our bioanalytical teams are skilled at both ligand binding assays and LC/MS-MS-based platforms for large molecule analysis.

From drug discovery through late-phase clinical trials, Frontage provides a range of large molecule development services, including:

  • Assay development, transfer, and validation
  • Clinical / Pre-clinical Sample Testing
  • PK/TK – Pharmacokinetics Assays
  • Critical reagent labeling
  • Immunogenicity: (Anti-Drug Antibody Assays, Neutralizing Antibody Assays)
  • Cell Based Assays (Functional in vitro assays, Toxicity & Viability)
  • PD/Biomarker Assays-- CLIA Certified

Frontage offers the latest, state-of-the-art instrumentation for large molecule analysis, including:

  • Real-time PCR (AB 7900HT-Real Time PCR System)
  • MesoScale Devices 6000
  • Tomtec and Tecan liquid handling systems
  • Spectromax/Spectromax L plate readers
  • BIORAD CHEMI-Doc (quantitation of SDS-PAGE/WB)
  • Abbott AxSYM System
  • Dedicated tissue culture room