GMP Analytical Services

At Frontage, a highly-qualified team of scientists provides analytical services in support of your product development, as well as the chemistry, manufacturing and control (CMC) sections of your DMF, IND, ANDA and NDA filings. The Frontage team is experienced in analyzing a variety of dosage forms including oral solid, liquid, lyophilized, nasal spray, transdermal/topical and other products. Our chemists’ expertise includes chromatography (HPLC, GC, SEC, etc.), dissolution testing, atomic absorption, HPLC/MS, GC/MS, Karl-Fisher and titrimetric methods, among others.


 Frontage is a FDA registered lab with a DEA license for controlled substance Schedules I-V.



  • Formulation: Material characterization, Compound log P and solubility

  • Method evaluation

  • Method development

  • Method transfer

  • Method validation

  • Forced degradation studies

  • Impurity identification and structure elucidation: 

Frontage has a unique skill set from various chemistry disciplines and equipment to efficiently elucidate the structures of unknown compounds found in APIs and finished products during stability evaluations. We employ a systematic approach for identification and isolation of these compounds, allowing for projects to be quickly and successfully completed.


  • Complete compendial analysis (USP, EP, JP, BP, FCC)

  • API and Finished Product release testing

  • Stability studies

  • Reference standard qualification

  • Comparator product testing
  • Gap analysis