Frontage Recognized for Antibody Method and Alzheimer’s Biomarkers

The Frontage Bioanalytical and Biologics teams recently received several honors for their accomplishments. 


First among these was the Outstanding Presentation award at the September Applied Pharmaceutical Analysis meeting in Baltimore, MD.  The team was awarded Outstanding Presentation for “A Generic Approach for Absolute Quantitation of the Monoclonal Antibody BAN2401 in Human Serum Using Immunocapture and Mass Spectrometric Detection.” 


Presented at the September meeting in partnership with Eisai Co. Ltd., the poster describes the implementation of LC/MS/MS to the measurement of a therapeutic monoclonal antibody in clinical samples.  The method was validated for specific determination of the antibody with 12 times improved sensitivity to the previously utilized ELISA immunoassay.  This method represents one of the first cases comparing incurred clinical sample results obtained from ELISA methodology to those obtained from LC/MS/MS for a monoclonal antibody.  Congratulations to the Eisai and Frontage technical teams that worked on the project!   Let us know if you would like a copy of the poster.


Assay Certifications for Alzheimer’s Biomarkers


Another notable accomplishment for the Frontage Biologics team came in November as two scientists received Certifications for specific biomarker assays on the Meso Scale Discovery platform.   Fenping Li and Robin Wakshlag received certification for the Human Aβ42 Kit.  Ms. Wakshlag also received certification for the Human Total Tau Kit.  Both Tau and Aβ42 have been identified as core biomarkers of Alzheimer’s disease, according to Meso Scale Discovery.  These kits will help Frontage deliver results to our clients evaluating drug candidates to treat neurodegenerative disease.