Finished Product Development

Frontage understands that the correct formulation is critical to the success of your drug candidate. Our staff of skilled scientists bring broad experience and a history of success delivering many complex formulations. We take a collaborative approach with our clients and treat each project uniquely, exploring multiple technology platforms in order to increase the rate of success for each product.


Preformulation studies at Frontage are designed to identify the best form of the drug substance, evaluate its physical properties and learn about its stability. These studies are designed to identify and select the optimal dosage form of your API. Common formulation development and pre-formulation studies include:


  • API-excipients compatibility

  • Dissociation constant
  • Solubility in various media and solvents

  • Thermal characterization

  • Droplet size distribution

  • Wettability

  • Density

  • Polymorphic forms

  • Partition coefficient

  • Stability under various conditions

  • Particle size distribution

Frontage has significant experience in developing a wide variety of dosage forms, including:


Alternate Dosage Forms

  • Liquid fill or semi-solid fill capsules
  • Creams and ointments
  • Nasal sprays 

Oral Solids


  • Immediate release

  • Timed or delayed release

  • Controlled or sustained release tablets

  • Controlled or sustained release capsules

  • Orally disintegrating and chewable tablets



  • Injections

  • Ophthalmic drops

  • Suspensions and solutions

  • Emulsions

  • Lyophilization (cycle development, phase transfer studies and scale-up)