Clinical Biomarkers & Immunogenicity

Clinical biotherapeutics development demands expertise and cutting edge resources.  Frontage supports your unique needs in this area with advanced methods and technologies for large molecule bioanalytical/immunogenicity and biomarker testing. Rely on Frontage's Biological Services to fulfill your needs for preclinical and clinical pharmacokinetic (PK) and immune anti-drug antibody (ADA) testing.  

In PK testing, Frontage services include:

  • Protein therapeutic concentration, and
  • WIN NonLin (PK parameters; modeling)

Our Immunogenicity Services include:

  • Antibody screening (ADA, Immunogenicity)
  • Antibody titration
  • Neutralizing cell-based immunogenicity characterization

Biologics Assays 

 Frontage's biologics team has developed a range of specialized assays that predict drug efficacy and toxicity.  Below is a sample of specialized assays available to you.  Our capabilities and technology enable us to develop other specialized assays depending on your needs.

 Cell-Based Assays (Preclinical and Clinical)

  • In Vitro
  • Ex Vivo
  • Cell lines, primary cell culture and whole blood components
  • Potency assay
  • Cytoxicity
  • Proliferation assays
  • Immune function assays (NAB)
  • Custom assay development

Pharmacogenomics & Molecular Biology Testing

  • Genotyping
  • SNP
  • RT-PCR
  • qPCR

Enzyme Assays

 In addition to our specialized assays, Frontage offers a host of biomarker assays and the capacity to develop new ones upon request.