Qualified Biomarker Assays

Below is a partial list of the biomarker assays we have successfully qualified, grouped by their platforms and matrices.  Frontage's diverse range of experience enables us to quickly develop assays for a range of other needs.  If you don't see your required biomarker in this list, we can assess your needs to determine development feasibility.

Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) Platform

 Human IFNg-plasma

Human IL6-plasma

Human IL1-B-plasma

Human TNF-a

MCP-1 in rat urine

Mouse IFNg-plasma

Mouse IL6-plasma

Mouse IL1-B-plasma

Mouse TNF-a-plasma


Spectramax Platform

 Human PSA-serum

Human  Testosterone serum

Human Complement C3a-plasma

Human Complement Bb-plasma

Podocin in human urine

Nephrin in human urine

Creatinine in human Urine

NPY Human Plasma/serum

Fibronectin in rat urine

Collagen IV in rat urine

sGAG in rat urine

Mouse PSA-serum

Mouse Testosterone-serum

Mouse Complement C3-plasma

Mouse Complement C5a-plasma