Qualified Biomarker Assays

Below is a partial list of the biomarker assays we have successfully qualified, grouped by their platforms and matrices.  Note that the expertise of Frontage Biologics Services enables us to quickly develop assays for a range of other needs.  If you don't see your required biomarker in this list, we can assess your needs to determine development feasibility.

Meso Scale Discovery (MSD) Platform


Human IFNg-plasma

Human IL6-plasma

Human IL1-B-plasma

Human TNF-a

MCP-1 in rat urine

Mouse IFNg-plasma

Mouse IL6-plasma

Mouse IL1-B-plasma

Mouse TNF-a-plasma


Spectramax Platform


Human PSA-serum

Human  Testosterone serum

Human Complement C3a-plasma

Human Complement Bb-plasma

Podocin in human urine

Nephrin in human urine

Creatinine in human Urine

NPY Human Plasma/serum

Fibronectin in rat urine

Collagen IV in rat urine

sGAG in rat urine

Mouse PSA-serum

Mouse Testosterone-serum

Mouse Complement C3-plasma

Mouse Complement C5a-plasma