In Vitro ADME Studies

Keeping you out in front of the pack requires excellence in designing, conducting and reporting absorption, distribution, metabolism and excretion (ADME) studies. The Frontage ADME team is highly skilled, knowledgeable and experienced, performing ADME studies with the highest standards of quality and efficiency.


We have provided clients in the US, EU, Japan, Korea and China with ADME studies including:

  • Metabolic stability using animal and human liver microsomes or hepatocytes

  • Metabolic pathway identification using chemical inhibition, antibody inhibition, recombinant cDNA CYP450s and correlation analysis

  • Metabolite identification and profiling and structure elucidation

  • CYP450 inhibition and induction up to 10 isoforms with 15 probe substrates

  • Protein binding including red blood cell partitioning using equilibrium dialysis or ultracentrifugation

  • Aqueous solubility/log D

Selected In Vitro Capabilities



Metabolic Stability –Tier 1 (1 µM)

(2 Time points)

Tier 2 (intrinsic clearance)

Protein Binding – Tier 1 (1 or 2.5 µM)

Tier 2 (0.1, 1, 10 µM). 5/wk (3 -5 species)

CYP Inhibition (3 µM)-Tier 1 (7 CYPs)

Tier 2 (IC50 and K i)

In Vitro Mic Met ID – Tier 1 (10 µM)

Tier 2 (1 and 10 µM). Species comparison

In Vitro Hep Met ID - Tier 1



Selected In Vivo Capabilities







In Vivo Metabolite ID (plasma/urine)

Samples from pharmacology/PK studies

In Vivo PK Studies + BA Support


5-10 day turnaround time in Malvern/Exton (with sponsor's formulation information)


Animal Model Development

Mice, Rat, Dog, NHP